Victoria Ground, River Trent

Habitat(s) to be improved Grassland, Watercourse, Wetland, Woodland (TBC)

Lead Organisation Staffordshire Wildlife Trust supported by Wild Trout Trust and Environment Agency

Site Area River Trent

About The Site

The site follows the course of the River Trent from the site of the old Stoke City Victoria Ground in the north, to its confluence with the Lyme Brook in Hanford to the south. The Victoria Ground (Stoke City Football Club former stadium) has been derelict since the late 1990s.

The river has been heavily modified in some places, especially where it runs directly adjacent to the A500 and crosses both the A500 and A34 at the southern end of the site, as it only exists in a narrow concrete channel. There is also a series of weirs. The river corridor itself is also very narrow, with a few metres either side dedicated to amenity grassland or natural regeneration and plantation woodland to screen the dual carriageway and heavy urban/industrial development.

The heavily modified nature of the river channel impacts not only on the ecology and diversity of the river through the site but also impacts on the free movement of fish (including the native brown trout) in the upper reaches of the River Trent impacting on fish populations. This section of the River Trent one of the last remaining barrier to the free movement of fish on the River Trent.

Original Work Plan:

Watercourse enhancements – restoring the river to its original course through creation of a new naturalised channel.

Work carried out to date:

Planning Permission for the above works has been formally agreed with work planned to go ahead during 2020.

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