Trent Mill, River Trent

Habitat(s) to be improved Invasive species, Watercourse

Lead Organisation Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Site Area River Trent

About The Site

A section of the River Trent which flows through the centre of Stoke-onTrent, adjacent to the A52 Leek Road. The Causeley Brook also flows into the River Trent at the north-eastern area of this site. The River here is straightened and flows in a uniform shallow channel with very limited flow diversity, with the bed material almost uniformly consisting of impounded fine silt particles as demonstrated in MoRPH surveys.

Just before its confluence with the River Trent, the Causeley Brook flows through a short culvert with associated rock ramp. Also there is a small weir further downstream on the River Trent, adjacent to the football pitches. Both of these features currently present a blockage for fish passage and are limiting factors in terms of diversity.

Patches of Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) are present at a couple of locations on this stretch.

Original Work Plan:

  • Re-design of culvert and rock ramp to secure better watercourse connection and fish passage.
  • Protect existing and add additional woody debris through keying and hinging in trees providing more aquatic refugia.
  • Planting of Willow whips on the right hand bank to promote channel re-naturalisation as well as installation of an engineered log jam to provide fish habitat and protect the weak bank by the bridge.
  • Lowering of riverbed downstream of the bridge to reduce sediment impoundment.
  • Address fish passage issues at weir.
  • Creation of new wildlife ponds around Causeley brook confluence.
  • Invasive species treatment.

Work Carried Out date:

  • Feasibility studies to be carried out to examine the redesigning of the culvert (2020)
  • Invasive Species have been surveyed and Japanese Knotweed control has started (Oct 2019)

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