Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading nature conservation charity and has been working to protect the wildlife and wild places of Staffordshire for over 50 years. Our vision is to create a Living Landscape in Staffordshire and the Trust carries out conservation projects all over the county to protect our special landscapes and wildlife.

We manage 27 nature reserves across the county for the benefit of wildlife and people, totalling almost 3,500 acres. Our reserves include lush wetlands, wild open moorlands and peaceful woodlands. We are working to create links and corridors in the wider landscape between these areas of high quality habitat, so wild populations do not become isolated and can expand and thrive.

Our Living Landscapes team carries out conservation work to protect threatened species and habitats, keep up-to-date records of wild species populations and safeguard wild places from development. Our education and community staff work with people of all ages and backgrounds to encourage them to explore, learn about and engage with the natural world. We visit schools, run hundreds of family events, help communities ‘green up’ their local areas and stage walks, talks and volunteering events so people can get involved in local wildlife.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is part of The Wildlife Trusts, the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving the full range of the UK’s habitats and species whether they be in the countryside, in cities or at sea. There are 46 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK, the Isle of Man and Alderney. Together, as a network, we have protected more than 95,000 hectares of land for wildlife – woods, meadows, lakes, hills, beaches and urban nature reserves and have 130 visitor and education centres across the U.K.

SUNRISE Involvement

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is the main delivery partner within the ERDF SUNRISE Project, coordinating the ‘on-the-ground’ conservation work on 13 of the project sites and also host the Project Manager position. The Trust will lead on finalising work proposals, liaising with land owners and local authorities, consulting with local communities, engaging the services of experienced contractors and supervising the works to ensure the results are in keeping with the aims of the project.

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